26 Mayıs

David Fletcher

Dr. David Fletcher (Loughborough University) kongremizde davetli konuşmacı olarak katılacaktır.


Dr David Fletcher is a Senior Lecturer in Performance Psychology and Management and the Director of the Performance Psychology Support Service at Loughborough University.  David’s teaching, research and consultancy focuses on the psychology of performance excellence in sport, business and other performance domains. His work addresses how high achievers thrive on pressure and deliver sustained success, and clusters around the following performance themes:

  • Performance Leadership and Management (e.g., high performance leadership, managing elite teams)
  • Performance Environments and Cultures (e.g., organizational functioning and effectiveness, emotional intelligence and communication)
  • Performance Psychology and Lifestyles (e.g., growth and thriving, psychological and team resilience, stress and emotion)
  • Performance Consultancy and Coaching (e.g., psychosocial interventions, professional competence)



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